Herbs & Suppliments

Joint Support

For the nutritional maintenance of your
horse’s musco-skeletal system

Alfalfa, Glucosamine hydrochloride (7.5g per 30g),
Methylsulphonylmethane (7.5g per 30g), Burdock
Root, Marine Algae (source of omega 3 fatty acid
DHA), Olive extract, Mint, Basil, Rapeseed Oil,
Blackcurrant, Oregano, Pomegranate

Feed 6g/100kg bodyweight per day.
For example:
200-400kg pony approx 1-2 scoops
400-600kg horse approx 2-3 scoops
Scoop enclosed = 15ml
Joint Support can be fed at double the
recommended amounts for the first 4 weeks if
Do not exceed the recommended feeding guide
without consulting Dodson & Horrell or your

Bag size: 1.5kg and 3kg
Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture